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Bacopa Monnieri Extract

Bacopa Monnieri Extract is a classic brain and nervine tonicincluded in the "Brahmi" category of herbs, which are those that benefit both the mind and spirit and improve the intellect and consciousness. Bacopa Monnieri assists in heightening mental acuity and supports the physiological processes involved in relaxation Bacopa Monnieri, also referred to as Bacopa monnieri, Herpestis Monnieri, water hyssop, and “Brahmi,” has been used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine for centuries. Traditionally, it was used as a brain tonic to enhance memory development, learning, and concentration. 1 To provide relief to patients with anxiety or epileptic disorders. 2 The plant has also been used in India and Pakistan as a cardiac tonic, digestive aid, and to improve respiratory function in cases of bronchoconstriction. 3 Recent research has focused primarily on Bacopa’s cognitive-enhancing effects, specifically memory, learning, and concentration, and results support the traditional Ayurvedic claims.


Type Dry Powder
Brand Name Bacopa Monniera Extract
Grade all
Place of Origin Herbal creations
Packaging 5-50 kg each
Extraction Type Alcohol

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Min. Order Quantity 5
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Product List

Botanical Name Trade name Part Use Therapeutic Use
Phyllanthus Amla Extract Fruit Cardio Tonic, Hair Loses disability
Hemidesmus Anantimol Root Diaphoretic Deobstruent
Terminalia Indicus Anatmool Extract Root Tonic Deobstruent
Premna Intgrifolia Ami Extract Bank Liver Diseases
Saraca Indica Ashoka Extract Bank Uterni Afection Scorpion Sting
Withanin Somnifera Ashwgandha Extract Root CNS Depresesent Stress
Aconitum Heterophyllum Afis Extract Root Anti Periodic Cough
Psoralea Coryfolia Babchi Extract Seed Pigmentation
Psoralea Coryfolia Bacoppa Extract Whole Plant Brain Tonic Nerving Tonic
Terminalia Belencia Bahera Extract Fruit Laxative Tonic Anti Pyretic
Sida Cordifolia Bala Extract Seed Whole Plant Stimulant Cough
Legerstremia Speciosa Banaba Extract Leaf Diabetes REducing Blood Sugar
Bambusa Arundinacea Bans Patra Extract Leaf Asthma Cough
Trifolium Alexandriaum Barseen Extract Whole Plant
Aegle Momelos Belpatra Extract Leaf Cooling Laxative Aromatic
Cleroderdrum Serratum Bharangi Extract Root Malaria Affection
Eclipta Alba Bharangi Extract Whole Plant Hair Oil
Phyllanthus Niruri Bhumi Anla Extract Whole Plant Viral Hepatitis
Centella Asiatica Brahmi Extract Whole Plant Anxiety Neurosis Skin Disesase
Plumbago Zylancia Chitrak Mool Extract Root Skin Disease Dyspepsia
Coleus Forskohli Coleus Extract Root Anti Hypertensive
Cinnamomum Zeylancium Dalchini Extract Bank Atromatic Astrringet
Taraxacum Officinate Dubai Extract Leaf Kidney & Liver Disorder Tonic
Garcinia Cambogia Garcinia Extract Fruit Weight Management
Garcinia Cambogia Gracinia Mg. Salt Fruit Weight Management
Botanical Name Trade Name Part Use Therapeutic Use
Allium SAtivam Garlic Extract Fruit Anti Chlorestermic Anti Bacterial
Zingiber Ofooicinale Ginger Extract Rhizome Anti Ulcer Digestive Aids
Tribulus Gokhu Extract Whole Plant Aphrodisiac Litholycis
Tinospora Guduchi Extract Rhizome Antipyretic Gout
Compiphora Mukum Guggal E & Z Oleo Gum Resin Antiseptic Expectorant
Compiphora Mukum Guggal Extract Oleo Gum Resin Antiseptic Expectorant
Acoras Carinus Gubach Extract Rhizome Remtitent Fever Colic Snake Bite
Gymnema Sytvestre Gymnema Extract Leaf Anti Diabetic Stimulates and Circulary System
Teminall Chebula Hantaki Extract Fruit Laxative Uninary Infection
Euginia Ja,bolana Jamuna Extract Seed Anti Diabetic Astringment
Andrographis Paniculata Kalmegh Extract Rhizome Hepato Protective Viral Hepatitis
solaranum Xanthocarpum Kantikari Extract Whole Plant Relieve Pain Cough`
gossypium Arboreum Kapas Mooi Extract Root Fever Galactagouge
Momordica Charanita Kerala Extract Fruit Gout Antidiabetic
Cichorium Intybus Kasani Extract Whole Plant Fever Vomiting
Cassia Occidentalis Kasondi Extract Root Snake Bite Purgative
Mucuna Pruiens Kaunch Extract Seed Aphrodisia Particison diseases
Picorrhiza Kurros Kutki Extract Rhizome Fever Catharia
Sympholocos Recemose Lodhra Extract Bank Eye Disese Cooling
Rubia Cordifolia Majista Extract Stem Cobra Bite
Moringa Olefiera Morniga Extract Seed Gout, Blood Purifies
Glycyrrthiza Glabra Mulethi Extract Root Demuicent Chronic Liver Disease
Azaddirachita Indica Neem Extract Leaf Anti Fungal Anti diabetic
Vitex Negundo Nirgundi Extract Root/Leaves Vermifuge
Carica Papaya Papita Extract Seed Anti Allergic
Piper Longum Pipli Extract Root Anti Asthmatic
Furmania Indica Pipaoda Extract Whole Plant Laxative
Boehraavia Difusa Punamwa Extract Leaf Laxative Jaundice
Pluches Lanceolata Rasna Extract Root Lexative Apereins
Sapindus Mukorossi Reetha Extract Fruit Pectorant
Chlorphytium borrivianum Safed Moosi Extract Root Pecitorant In Salvant
Boswelia Serrata Salai Guugal Extract Oleo Gum Resin Anti Arthirthis Anti Inflammatory
Tephrosia Purpurea Sarpunkha Extract Root Tonic Laxative
Asparagus Racemosus Satawari Extract Root Galactogoogle Adaptogenic
Evolvulus Aisnioides Shankhpushpi Extract Whole Plant Vermifuge
Asphalt Shilajit Extract Whole Bituminous Substance Stimulating Agent Enhance Energy
Ocimum sanctum Tulsi Extract Leaf Anit Fungal Anti Bacterial
Pieraria Tuberosa Vidankand Extract Fruit Fever Rheumation
Adhatoda Vasica Vasaka Extract Whole Plant Bronchodiator Anti Asthmatic
Embica Ribes Vivavdaing Extract Seed Fever Scorpion
Alpinia Galanga Kulanjan Extract Rhizome Fever Rheumatism