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We own a distinguish stand amongst well known Phytochemicals Manufacturers. Our completely reliable range of Plant Phytochemicals noticed world widely for its highly efficiency. We have earned a strong reputation amongst highly trustworthy Wholesale Phytochemicals Suppliers. We manufacture a vast range of excellent quality Plant Phytochemicals including methoxsalen usp, psoralen ip, bergapten, raubasine and forskollin etc. The flourishing range of our natural Plant Phytochemicals is available at very affordable rates.

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Methoxsalen Usp
Kumaon Chemical is a leading oral Methoxsalen manufacturer. We are also famous amid reliable suppliers from India. Our methoxsalen & methoxypsoralen are considered as best in the industry.

Methoxsalen is 9-Methoxy-7H -furo[3,2-g][1]benzopyran-7-one obtained from the seed of Ammi majus. Family Umbelliferae. more...

Psoralen Ip
Psoralen is furo[3,2-g][1] coumarine obtained from the fruit of Psoraleas cordifolia, Family Leguminosae
Molecular formula is C11H6O3 and molecular weight 186.14
Therapeutic Uses : Topical Pigmentation agent - Psoriasis

Description :

We are an eminent Bergapten manufacturer presenting a finest range of bergapten. Since we export only optimum quality 5-Methoxypsoralen, we have established ourselves amid reliable 5-Methoxypsoralen exporters from India.

Bergapten is 4-hydroxy-7H -furo[3,2-g][1]benzopyran-7-one also known as 5-methoxy psoralen. Obtain

When it comes to reliable Raubasine manufacturer & Ajmalicine manufacturer, then our prominence is quite enviable in the market. We are also one of the preeminent Raubasine suppliers from India.

Raubasine is also known as Ajmalicine. Family Apocyanaceae.
Molecular formula is


Kumaon Chemical has been widely reckoned as a dependable Forskolin exporter. We are also renowned as one of the jubilant Coleonol suppliers from India. We offer superior quality Coleus Forskolin to our wide spread customers.

Forskholin is also known as Coleonol. Obtained from root of coleus